Master of Science in Chinese Medicine - Graduate Comments

The course provides abundant clinical practical knowledge which covers several common subjects in Hong Kong, such as gynecology, dermatology and oncology. Teachers come from the school and mainland China are famous and have rich clinical experience, so the teaching content is based on clinical point of view and very close to patient’ needs. The most profound impression is a liver cancer case, in the use of teacher’s idea of treatment, not only the quality of patient’s life improved but also the alpha-fetoprotein index decreased and the liver function increased, that proved Chinese medicine does help tumors and truly widened my mind.


The curriculum also includes the classic study, by a number of teachers, so that students learn multiple perspectives. Doing theoretical research is also a good idea, students can learn classical research methods from guidance teacher and have fun in reading interesting books and papers. For the internship, students can broaden their horizons and choose the favorite subjects, teachers and locations. Therefore, these two years give students a very substantial school life!

The School of Chinese medicine, CUHK has a good TCM atmosphere. I feel very comfortable while studying master program at this school. Clinical courses are practical. They meet our needs as we are in-service TCM practitioners. Theory courses consist of two of the classics Chinese medicine ─ Shanghan Lun and Febrile Diseases and we can have a new understanding of them. The teaching staffs not only consist of lecturers from the school, but also a number famous TCM professor from mainland China specifically invited by the school. In TCM practicum, we could go to the clinics in Hong Kong, or hospitals in Shenzhen or Guangzhou, and were able to follow our favorite TCM practitioners to practice our clinical skills.

Through Studying MSc in Chinese Medicine programme in the CUHK, I could have the opportunity to equip myself with knowledge in Chinese Medical specialty topics while I work as a Chinese Medicine Practitioner. The lectures were taught by famous local TCM experts or those from mainland China. They were generous to share their valuable clinical experience that was so precious for me.

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