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School of Chinese Medicne (SCM) provides six-year full-time programme, it aims at bringing up Chinese Medicine Practitioners who are equipped with solid theoretical knowledge in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and biomedical sciences and who demonstrate strong clinical and research skills in Chinese Medicine. Graduates are dedicated to the sustainable development of Chinese Medicine and to the contribution of peoples’ well-being.

Programme Characteristics

Emphasis on classical knowledge in Chinese Medicine
Chinese Medicine is a medical system comprised of unique philosophies in the nature and human body. With our strong emphasis on pursing the classical Chinese Medicine knowledge, students are nurtured to develop deep insight in traditional Chinese culture and master clinical reasoning skills in Traditional Chinese Medicine by means of induction and active thinking. Students could also acquire research skills through the study of selected topics in traditional Chinese Medicine or modern medical science under the supervision of our expertise. After all, it is expected that the students could inherit the classical theories and traditional mode of thought in Chinese Medicine and make innovations in the modern world.

Integration of theory into practice
To enhance the integration of Chinese Medicine Knowledge and Clinical Practice, the School introduces clinical training throughout a six-year curriculum. Students are required to start clinical attachments as early as the first year of study, and ended with one and a half year of continuous internship at affiliated clinics and hospitals in Hong Kong and Mainland China. Moreover, the School has established different level of training goals for students to achieve according to the students’ learning progress at different stages. The major aim of the clinical training is to enable students to develop an understanding of Chinese Medicine treatment method and be familiar with common clinical cases, emergency cases and cases of different specialties. These training ensure our graduates can gain a strong foundation for their future career development.

Well-developed network to broaden students’ vision
The School has established a collaboration network with local, Mainland China and overseas partners which benefit out students in many aspects. Supporting by Faculty of Medicine, students will experience quality and inspiring education through meeting with professionals from different academic sectors. For clinical training, apart from the self-established teaching clinics, the School works closely with Chinese Medicine clinics and teaching hospitals in local and Mainland China to provide various clinical practice and employment opportunity for students.

Pre-Clinical Courses
The pre-clinical programme extends over four and a half academic years. Students are required to complete courses including subjects in basic medical and life sciences, principles of Chinese medicine applications, Chinese medical concepts and theories, Chinese medicine classics, and various specialties in Chinese medicine (such as internal medicine, gynaecology, paediatrics, orthopaedics and acupuncture).

Clinical Practice
The last one and a half years of study is devoted to bedside training. Students will spend time at Chinese medicine hospitals and clinics practicing in various specialties. Considering the lack of Chinese medicine hospital in Hong Kong at the moment, we have obtained full support from the Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and the Shenzhen Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, which will provide clinical training programmes and hospital facilities for our students.

In addition to the training in hospital settings, students will attend out-patient clinics of Chinese medicine in Hong Kong in order to gain practical experience as general practitioners in treating common diseases. Each student will attach to a clinic under the mentorship by qualified Chinese medicine practitioners.

Graduates of this programme are qualified to take the Chinese Medicine Practitioners Licensing Examination conducted by the Hong Kong Chinese Medicine Council and become registered Chinese Medicine Practitioners if they pass the examination.

Admission Requirements

The minimum eligibility requirements to apply to the Bachelor of Chinese Medicine programme are as follows:

No. of Subjects Specific Requirements Subject Level
4 Core Subjects Chinese Language 3
English Language 3
Mathematics 2
Citizenship and Social Development A (Attained)
2 Elective Subjects One of which is preferred from the following subjects: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Combined Science, Integrated Science 3
  Any one other subject 3

The programmes will accept “Attained with Distinction” in the following Applied Learning subjects as extra elective subject for awarding bonus points: Foundation in Chinese Medicine, Health and Beauty Keeping in TCM.

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