Chinese Medicine Texts Collection

chinese medicine collection

CUHK Library is pleased to announce the soft launch of the new digital collection "Chinese Medicine Texts Collection" on 30 June 2016 that marks the close collaboration between the School of Chinese Medicine and the CUHK Library. Professor Kong Yun Cheung, the founding director of the School of Chinese Medicine, generously donated the invaluable “Professor Chong Siu Cheung Chinese Medicine Collection” to the Library. This collection is consisted of 2,485 volumes of Chinese Medicine rare books including some very rare titles such as《秘傳眼科龍木醫書總論》,《丹臺玉案》and 《景岳全書》.


With the great funding support from the University, the Library digitised more than 1,200 volumes that were published between the Ming and the late Ching Dynasty.


As at today, over 280 volumes are now accessible at the CUHK Digital Repository ( and more volumes would be added to grow the collection. All are welcome to visit this collection. 

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