Introduction of School of Chinese Medicine

As established in 1998, School of Chinese Medicine envisions to nurture talents in Chinese medicine practice, to pass down the tradition of Chinese medicine for future generations. The school offers a range of professional Chinese medicine courses, including taught bachelor and master degrees as well as research master and doctoral degrees. Our school has successfully nurtured over 1500 graduates, in striving to support the adequate pool of high-calibre graduates for the development of Chinese medicine in Hong Kong.

Our school also provides professional Chinese medicine clinical services, develops major practicum and research sites through industrial and community collaboration and support for sustainable development in Chinese medicine clinical services to meet the increasing demands of the community.

The school has extensive collaboration with multitude of research units, to enhance the research standards of Chinese medicine foundation, clinical and classic theory, to actively enhance its level playing field in translational and international arena.

The school has laid solid foundations in clinical, teaching and research capabilities and through the strong bonded connections between academia, industry and community relations to strive for further excellence in Chinese medicine development.

In 2014, the school has officially relocated to Li Wai Chun Building at Chung Chi College and has completed a major restructure for The Chinese University of Hong Kong Chinese Medicine Specialty Clinic cum Clinical Teaching and Research Centre in 2016 in order to deliver exemplary academic training and Chinese medicine clinical services under the new state-of-art facilities.

Our school is grateful for the support of University and Faculty of Medicine, the school endeavours to strengthen its development in Chinese medicine and medical services in Hong Kong with a bright future.  


Mission and Vision

Since its establishment in 1998, the School of Chinese Medicine upholds the following mission and vision:

  • Nurture high-calibre Chinese medicine practitioners with Chinese medicine theory and clinical operation expertise as well as modern medicine knowledge

  • Nurture Chinese medicine experts with the necessary knowledge, ethics and mission of traditional Chinese medicine

  • Promote Chinese medicine continuous development

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