Clinic Introduction

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The Chinese University of Hong Kong Chinese Medicine Specialty Clinic cum Clinical Teaching and Research Centre, which was set up in 2001, has been the primary practicum site for the School of Chinese Medicine. Renowned Professors, experienced practitioners and the clinic team provide elite Chinese Medicine Service to the public.



Clinical Service

We provide quality specialized TCM clinical services including Internal Medicine, Gynecology, Dermatology, Oncology, Acupuncture, Bone-setting and Tui Na, etc.


We offer clinical practicum and specialist training led by renowned Professors and senior mentors to students and junior practitioners.


We serve as a platform for conducting various clinical research activities and exchange of ideas in Chinese Medicine, driving academic excellence from local to international.


We dispense quality Chinese medicine, both herbs and granules, in accordance to quality control measures.


Enquiries and Bookings

Our Clinic is opened to CUHK affiliated persons and the public.

New patients can dial 3943 9933 within Clinic service hours for consultation reservations within 14 days, or login Clinic website for new patient registration. Existing patients may login the Clinic website with patient numbers on the Clinic IC cards. New patients may need to allow more time for booking individual Chinese medicine practitioner with longer waiting lists.


Practicum Arrangements

Our Clinic serves as the primary practicum site for the School of Chinese Medicine. Please note that our practicum students are led by qualified Chinese medicine practitioners at our Clinic consultations. Should patients wish to have one-to-one consultations with our qualified Chinese medicine practitioners, please feel free to notify us at your registration for further arrangements.


Medication Refill Services

  • Our Clinic provides re-dispensing prescription services. Re-dispensing Chinese medicine will usually take 1 to 2 working days for pick up as priority is given for dispensing prescriptions for daily consultations.

  • Patients may follow the instructions on the prescriptions given by the qualified Chinese medicine practitioners for re-dispensing prescription limits within three months.

  • Our Clinic now accepts online re-dispensing prescription applications. Existing patients may login our Clinic website and select “re-dispensing or decoction”. Please refer to the relevant guidelines for more details.

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Typhoon and Black Rainstorm Signal Operational Arrangements

Our Clinic is closed should typhoon signal 8 or above or black rainstorm signal is effective during the below times:

 Signal Effective Time  Clinic Closure Arrangement
 7 AM  AM session
 12 NOON  PM session

All consultation bookings would be automatically cancelled without further notice should the typhoon or black rainstorm signal be in force during the above period. Affected patients can dial the Clinic Hotline during normal service hours for new bookings.


Emergency or Severe Accidents

For emergency or severe accidents, University staff should attend the Accident and Emergency Department of the Prince of Wales Hospital or other hospitals for timely treatment. For ambulance services, please dial 2735 3400, 2735 3355 or 999.


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