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  1. Presentations award: 2nd runner up of the Hong Kong Public Policy Innovation Award 2005/06. "Traditional Chinese Medicine Primary Health Care in Hong Kong" Hong Kong Policy Research Institute Ltd., & The Hong Kong Federation of youth groups
  2. Presentation award from the scholarship of the Hong Kong society of quality of life. Title: The Content validity of the Chinese Quality of life (ChQOL) Measure in Hong Kong. Conference on Quality of Life Research in Asia, 2006 Hong Kong.
  3. Presentation award from the scholarship of the Hong Kong society of quality of life. Title: Did the Chinese Quality of Life Instrument applicable to Western medicine health services in Chinese population? 2008 Asian Chinese Quality of Life Conference. Guang Zhou, China
  4. Merit of outstanding presentation (Best presenter of the session on Public health, reproduction & development and Chinese Medicine) Title: A Randomized, Double Blind, placebo-controlled Clinical Trial of Chinese Herbal Medicine in the Treatment of Acute Upper Respiratory Infections. 13th Research Postgraduate Symposium, Hong Kong.
  5. District champion. Title: Effectiveness of Western Medicine Outpatient Consultations in Primary Care – A Comparison with Chinese Medicine Consultations. The Postgraduate Symposium of the 2009 TWGHs Eddie Wang Symposium on Integrated Chinese and Western Medicine