Teaching Staff

Prof. Leung Ting Hung Director/ Professor of Practice in Health Services Management
Prof. Lin Zhixiu Associate Director/ Associate Professor
Prof. Zhang Baoting Associate Professor
Prof. Wendy Wong Assistant Professor
Prof. Jiang Yuanan Professor of Practice in Chinese Medicine
Prof. Miao Jiangxia Associate Professor of Practice in Chinese Medicine
Prof. Liang Songming Adjunct Professor
Prof. Sun Waizhu Adjunct Professor
Prof. Yew Tai Wai David Adjunct Professor
Prof. Chung Kiu Lam Kenny Adjunct Associate Professor
Prof. Fu Wenshu Adjunct Associate Professor
Prof. Lam Koon Kit Adjunct Associate Professor
Prof. Or Ka Hang Adjunct Associate Professor
Prof. Tiu Hang Fong Adjunct Associate Professor
Prof. Chen Yukun Professional Consultant
Dr. Liong Ching Professional Consultant
Prof. Situ Yi Professional Consultant
Mr. Xu Wenxing Professional Consultant
Mr. Zhang Jianguo Professional Consultant
Dr. Chan Kam Leung Lecturer
Ms. Chan Sze Nga Sarah Lecturer
Mr. Chung Wai Yeung Michael Lecturer
Dr. Ng Chi Sun Lecturer
Dr. Tsoi Yan Wang Lecturer
Dr. Leung Kwan Chi Part-time Lecturer
Mr. Ng Kin Man Part-time Instructor (Clinical)
Mr. Wong Chi Chung Part-time Instructor (Clinical)
Dr. Hua Heyu Assistant Lecturer
Dr. Koon Ho Kee Katy Assistant Lecturer
Ms. Lo Ka Yin Lilian Assistant Lecturer
Dr. But Lung Tang Benjamin Teaching Assistant
Ms. Chau Tsz Sin Teaching Assistant
Ms. Cheung Man Chi Teaching Assistant
Ms. Chu Oi Yu Emily Teaching Assistant