Herbal Garden

Herbal Garden at CUHK – Garden for Education and Research

Unlike most gardens that are solely for recreation and leisure, the herbal gardens at CU serve a greater role: education and research.

To preserve and cultivate Chinese medicinal herbs in Hong Kong, the University established several herbal gardens in the early 2000's on campus. The Chinese herbal garden situated along the "Alumni Trail" is the largest one in Hong Kong. With a total floor area of 20,000 sq. ft., this herbal garden houses over 500 species of herbs that both educate the public and serve as subjects for academic research.

Some well-known herbs on display include lotus, mint, mulberry leaf as well as Chinese holly (namely Ilex rotunda, Ilex latifolia and Ilex asprella) –the major ingredient of a popular Chinese herbal pharmaceutical product named "Trilex" (三冬茶) jointly developed by the Faculty of Science and the School of Chinese Medicine of the University.

Each year, the Alumni Office and the School of Chinese Medicine jointly organize a special guided tour to the largest herbal garden on campus during the Alumni Homecoming.